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The Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry has recently released a Discussion Paper, which presents information about the current operation of the chlid protection system, and seeks feedback on some early proposals under the Commission's consideration.

The Commission is keen to seek the feedback of interested individuals and organisations, and completing this online response form is one way of making a submission in response to the Discussion Paper. The online response form provides an opportunity to answer the questions posed in the Discussion Paper, but for a full discussion of the issues, and for more information about each issue raised, we thoroughly recommend you read full paper, which can be downloaded from the Commission's website at http://www.childprotectioninquiry.qld.gov.au

You will be taken through 12 screens of questions. Each screen relates to a different chapter of the discussion paper.

The chapters are:
Chapter 3: Reducing demand on the tertiary system
Chapter 4: Investigating and assessing child protection reports
Chapter 5: Working with children in care
Chapter 6: Young people leaving care
Chapter 7: Addressing the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
Chapter 8: Workforce development
Chapter 9: Oversight and complaints mechanisms
Chapter 10: Courts and tribunals
Chapter 11: Funding for the child protection system

A section for general comments is on the final screen.

If you would like to skip past any section, please click the skip button at the bottom of the screen. If you would like to submit and exit the survey without completing all sections, please click the submit button on the top right of the screen.

Subsmissions to the Commission close on 15 March 2013. Written submissions can also be lodged online at the Commission's website.
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