In order to improve the standard of privately rented property in the borough, Lambeth Council is proposing to introduce a selective licensing scheme for all privately rented homes in twenty-three of the twenty-five wards of Lambeth. These wards have been chosen because they have high levels of privately rented accommodation which is in poor condition. 

It is proposed that the scheme will be introduced in two phases. The first phase, if approved, will apply to four wards: Knights Hill, Streatham Common & Vale, Streatham Hill East and Streatham St Leonard's. The properties in these wards have poor property conditions, double the national average. If agreed this scheme would come into force late 2024. 
The second phase, if approved, will extend to a further 19 other wards (excluding the wards of Vauxhall and Waterloo & South Bank). The properties in these wards are also suffering from poor conditions, significantly higher than the national average. If agreed this scheme would come into force early 2025.
If the scheme is implemented, landlords will be required to apply to the council for a licence for each privately rented property they own or manage in the area. Each licence application must be accompanied by a licence fee. Conditions will be attached to each licence and landlords would be bound by these conditions. Details of the proposed areas, licence conditions and fees can be found on the consultation page

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