Your National Vendor Experience

Thank you for allowing National Vendor to assist you during your claims process. Your opinion matters to us. Every survey is reviewed by our service team which allows us to recognize employees that give great service and identify any areas of opportunity to improve. We believe service does matter, so thank you again for your input.

* 1. Policyholder Name or DBA

* 2. Insurance Company

* 3. How satisfied were you with your National Vendor experience?

* 4. Were you satisfied with the responsiveness to emails and/or voice messages by National Vendor Employees?

* 5. How satisfied were you with your Content's Specialist's ability to clearly explain National Vendor's involvement in your claim and the replacement process?

* 6. If I had another contents loss, I would recommend my Insurance Company include National Vendor in the process again.

* 7. As a result of your experience with National Vendor, which of the following statements is most true?

* 8. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  Agree Disagree Not Sure
Overall, having National Vendor involved in the process was a value add to my claim.
Having a Contents Specialist reviewing my items gave me added confidence toward an accurate settlement.
I appreciated the convenience not having to spend my time and resources to replace certain product on my claim.
Spending a little extra time reviewing replacement product and my options was well worth it.

* 9. Please provide any further comments or feedback regarding the service you received from National Vendor and/or the Contents Specialist that handled your claim.