The following is a list of personal attributes and organizational skills commonly and collectively called "soft skills." Regardless of what you call them, how would you rank yourself on each of them using the ranking scale shown? As part of your ranking consider what proof you could offer to justify your self-ranking if you were asked? One method might be by providing a few detailed examples of some major accomplishments where the specific attribute was essential for successfully accomplishing the tasks. If you're a job seeker you should do this before your next interview. If you're an interviewer, you should ask for these examples.

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How would you rank yourself on each of these critical skills and personal attributes?

  This is a skill I should get better at.  I'm okay at this and I do it now and then, but not consistently.  I think I do this a lot and have received some informal credit for it.  I do this very often and most people I work with would likely agree.  Everyone would tell you this is one of my core strengths.  N/A
Cross Functional Collaboration: I can work effectively with those in other functions in achieving results by understanding their needs and point of view. 
I am responsible and committed to get my work done on time, on budget, all of the time.
Effective Communication Skills: I'm able to present complex ideas in easy-to-understand ways to all levels of staff and management including those in other functions. 
Proactive: I make it a habit of overcoming challenges and making things happen without being told. Part of this is taking the initiative when things need to get done.
Staff Development: As a manager I proactively and consistently develop plans to improve each of my team member's skills and abilities.
EQ, Team Skills, Emotional Intelligence: This is a combo of all of the related interpersonal issues involved in getting people to work effectively together. 
Drive for Results: I set and achieve challenging goals on a consistent basis and deal with whatever challenges I face and I don't make excuses for my setbacks or failures. 
Persuasive: I'm able to convince my business leaders to change their opinions and decisions and get them to redirect resources to more effective solutions. 
Great organizer: I plan to succeed and then make sure I do. This means staying on top of all critical issues, not letting things fall through the cracks and developing workarounds to ensure the committed plan objectives are met.
Flexible: I'm able to handle the ebbs and flows of changing and challenging business conditions without losing my cool and staying motivated. 
Project Management: I'm able to lead groups of diverse, talented and opinionated people to successfully complete complex and critical team projects.
Courage: I have the guts to stand-up and challenge wrong-headed ideas and bad processes and then doing the right things.
Leadership: I'm able to motivate people by creating a solid vision, a detailed plan and a means to make it happen. 

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