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Thank you taking 6 minutes to participate in the Kindness Engagement Index.  

This survey is based on the best selling book, The Business of Kindness by Olivia McIvor and was designed to capture an individual's personal observations and contributions in the three specific areas of Actionable Kindness: (1) Kindness to Oneself, (2) Kindness to Colleagues and (3) Kindness in the Community. It is based on twelve kindness character dimensions as discussed in length in Ms. McIvor's text and the OD experience of the researchers, Dr. Jeff Vanderwielen and  Theory & Practice, an external data analytics organization who are tracking, validating and reporting on the data from this survey. (www.TAP.work) 

Please answer each of the 24 questions by choosing the answer that best reflects your personal experience.  Your feedback is important to furthering our learning about the best ways to assist teams and groups as they focus on creating kinder, more collaborative work cultures. We thank you for your time. 
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