District of Columbia Pepco Consumers:

The District of Columbia has recently experienced major power outages. As a result, the Office of the People’s Counsel (OPC) is conducting this survey to: 1) determine the frequency and duration of power outages affecting your neighborhood, 2) gauge the quality of Pepco’s response to your outages, 3) gather consumers’ opinions on whether placing more of Pepco’s power cables underground would make service more reliable and 4) develop a profile of the customers and communities affected by power outages.

This survey can be completed in 2 minutes or less. Please answer all questions that are applicable to you. OPC will use the results of the survey to supplement the public record and to inform policy and decision makers.

We thank you for helping OPC to represent the interests of all consumers in the regulatory process.

Contact www.opc-dc.gov (202) 727-3071

* 1. Are you a District of Columbia Pepco customer?

* 2. If yes, what is your zip code?

* 3. Did you experience power outages on June 22 and/or June 29, 2012?

* 4. How long were you without service due to the June 22 outage?

* 5. How long were you without service due to the June 29 outage?

* 6. Were you able to report your outage to Pepco?

* 7. When you called, did you:

  Yes No
Talk with a customer service representative?
Listen to a recorded message?

* 8. How do you rate your customer service phone experience?

* 9. What do you think caused your outage

* 10. Does your neighborhood experience frequent power outages?

* 11. How many times in the past year has your neighborhood lost power?

* 12. When do the outages occur? (Check all that apply)

* 13. During which types of weather do your outages occur? (Check all that apply)

* 14. How do you rate Pepco’s restoration response to your outage(s)?

* 15. Do you believe installing more of Pepco’s wires underground would reduce the number of outages at your home?

* 16. Would you be willing to pay to put wiring underground?

* 17. Should the District Government become a municipal utility, taking over operations for Pepco?

* 18. Do you pay a Pepco bill?

* 19. Which type of electric service do you have?

* 20. How many occupants are in your home or business?

* 21. How many persons are:

* 22. Do any occupants require utility service for medical reasons such as refrigeration for medicine or to operate critical medical equipment?

* 23. Did you experience financial loss or incur costs due to the power outages?

* 24. If you experienced financial loss or incurred costs due to the power outages:

  Yes No
Did your food spoil?
Did your refrigerated medicine spoil?
Did you have to leave your home due to the power outages?
Did you miss work due to the power outages?