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By clicking “yes” on this page you consent to PAI Health sharing your activity metrics (PAI score, fitness age, VO2max) linked to personal information (age, weight, height etc) with London Sport and their affiliates on a regular basis. This will provide additional comprehensive health and fitness data on the London population to build the knowledge base in order to deliver more effective programming and improved additional support to London communities. If you do not consent to having your personal information disclosed, you should not proceed with the registration process. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting PAI Health at privacy@paihealth.com and this will be actioned within 3 working days and you will receive confirmation.

Please note, withdrawing your consent does not affect your use of the PAI Health app or fitness device, but because the information will no longer be shared, London Sport and their affiliates will not be able to use this data for further health and fitness programming.

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