The government gives councils money in different ways. There is one pot of money that we have to use to fund all our ongoing services (this is called our revenue budget) and another pot of money we can only invest in major infrastructure projects (this is called our capital budget).

There is also funding that is given to councils to spend on specific things, such as the cost of providing housing benefits and money to run schools (this is called ring-fenced funding).

Like all councils, Portsmouth is facing costs and increases in demand for care services that exceed the funding received from government and local taxpayers. Once you take out all the things we have no choice about spending money on, we have a budget of £161million and we need to find £1million of savings in 2022/23. 

This means we have to make more difficult decisions about where to spend and where to save and we would like to know what you think.

Please complete the following survey before 11:59pm on Wednesday 3 November 2021.

All data collected will be made anonymous and not shared with anyone outside Portsmouth City Council. We will store your data in line with the council's Data Protection policy. Thank you for taking part.