Orman Guidance is coordinating in-person, individual interviews in order to test the fit of garment that is used to treat a health condition. The garment is worn like a pair of shorts or a vest over your clothing. It is non-invasive; no treatment is administered during the fitting process. 

For this project, we seek people to serve as a model in a garment fitting process. The fitting will take place in a closed, private room, and we want to make sure we inform you up front that there will be a group of researchers in the room to observe. We respect the fact that not everyone would be comfortable in that type of setting, so if you know now that you would not be, feel free to close out of this survey.

In this fitting process, we seek to include a broad range of models from toddler to adults, sizes XXS to Plus Sizes 8X+. As a model, participants will be asked to share feedback on aspects of the test garment’s fit and feel.

The study will take place at a venue in the St. Louis Park area on a weekday in February or March 2024. If you qualify and participate in the 45-90-minute session, you will be well compensated ($150+).

There are never any sales involved during or as a result of your participation. If you would like to be considered for the research, please indicate your name and contact information when prompted at the end of the survey.  

Question Title

* 1. If you are selected, are you willing to participate in-person?