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Successfully planning marketing content is a struggle marketers have faced for years. One way to jumpstart content planning effectiveness is to leverage insights from other marketers and learn from their challenges and successes. We invite you to take part in sharing your own experiences and together with other marketers, we can all raise the bar on our content planning.

This short survey will cover everything from content challenges to team structure and tactics. As gratitude, we’ll give you early access to the results. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your insights!

* 1. What are your top content planning challenges? (Select up to three)

* 2. On the whole, how effective would you rate your content planning?

* 3. What has been the most successful aspect of your content planning in the past year?

* 4. Which of the following best describes your content planning process and documentation?

* 5. Which best describes your usage of calendars for content planning?

* 6. How far in advance do you plan your content?

* 7. What sort of tools, software, or systems do you use to manage your content planning process?

* 8. Roughly how much budget do you allocate for digital marketing technology tools every month?