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Thank you for participating in this confidential and anonymous survey.
The Pan-Canadian Essential Regulatory Requirements for Paramedics (PERRs)

PERRs will describe the expectations for safe, effective, and ethical performance by paramedics
to inform provincial regulatory practice standards and support the use of PERRs by educators, employers, and other key stakeholders.

During the past 18 months, COPR has engaged over 35 experts in paramedicine on committees and additional ad hoc groups to inform the framework, content and provide feedback at key strategic points.

It’s now time to get input from the broader community. Completing the survey is an important step in verifying that the documents reflect current practice expectations of all paramedics across the designations.

When reviewing the documents, please keep in mind that the goal is to describe minimal or essential competence in the usual day-to-day work performed by all paramedics with the same designation.

This includes paramedics at the start of their careers and the maintenance of essential competence throughout the paramedic’s career.  As such, neither future skills, nor performance excellence are part of essential competence.

Please respond by December 17, 2022. Your input will inform revisions and the final documents will be ready for April 2023.

To express appreciation for your time, all participants are eligible to enter a draw for one of ten $100 gift cards from various retailers, or a donation to a charity of your choice. You can enter the draw by entering your information after you submit your answers. This keeps your e-mail separate from your survey responses.

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