The Point of the Stylus

Steve Jobs put an end to the Newton project, largely because he hated the concept of using a stylus. The original Palm Pilot was a runaway hit - largely because of the use of the stylus and its handwriting recognition. Now, Palm is dead and Apple is ginormous, so, who was right? Well...maybe they both were.

Just as the iPad is reaching the stratosphere in usage, the stylus is making a comeback.

So, we want to know what you think. Does the stylus inhibit or amplify your touch screen experience? Let us know by taking the short survey below.

* 1. Have you ever used a stylus with your mobile device?

* 2. Would you buy a stylus to use with a tablet or phone?

* 3. For which applications would you/do you find a stylus helpful?

* 4. What are the biggest obstacles to stylus use?

* 5. What type of stylus would you buy?

* 6. If you're a stylus user, let us know:
A. The make of your device.
B. The make of your stylus.
C. The application(s) in which you use your stylus the most.