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* 1. Email: (You will be contacted via email if you are selected to participate further)

* 8. Please select which best describes your ethnicity.

* 14. Please select which of the following best describes you:

* 15. With whom do you usually go back to school shopping?(Select all that apply)

* 16. If you are a parent, do your children influence your back to school shopping? If so, how?

* 17. When will you begin shopping for back-to-school merchandise?

* 18. How many times will you go shopping for back to school items?

* 19. How will the economy impact your back to school spending this year?(Select all that apply)

* 20. Are you using coupons this year? Did you use coupons last year?

  Yes No
This year (2015)
Last Year (2014)

* 21. Which type of coupons will you use this year? Which type of coupons did you use last year?

  2014 2015
Traditional paper coupons
Print-at-home coupons
Digital coupons (no printing needed)

* 22. How much do you plan to spend on the following:

  $0-$100 $100-$200 $200-$300 $300-$400 $400-$500 $500-$600 $600-$800 $800-$1,000 More than $1,000
basic school supplies (eg. Books, pencils, pens, paper…)

* 23. Which of the following do you own? Which of the following will you use for back to school shopping? (Select all that apply)

  I own I will use for BTS shopping this year
MP3 Player

* 24. Where will you purchase back to school items this year? (select all that apply)

* 25. What is most important to you when purchasing a back to school product? (Select 3)

* 26. Please answer Yes or No to the following questions:

  Yes No
Will you be searching for back to school information online this year?
Will you be using your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for back to school purchases?
Will you be using social media to help you with back to school shopping this year?
Do you prefer taking notes electronically?
Does your school (or your child's school) provide you with school supplies?
Are you concerned with purchasing eco-friendly or socially responsible products?
Are you loyal to any office/school supply brand?
Is it important to you that you (or your child) have/has the same school supplies as the rest of your/their classmates?
Do you buy products in bulk?
Do prefer bundled products?
Will you be donating supplies this year?
Does your/your child's classroom supply a list of required materials?

* 27. What are your favorite back to school brands?

* 28. Which back to school brands are you the most loyal to and why?

* 29. Which back to school brands do you interact with online or on social media?

* 30. Please tell us whether you enjoy back to school shopping or not and explain your reasons. Feel free to share any stories you may have about your experiences.