Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions regarding Public Market Emeryville and your dining habits in general.  Your feedback will remain confidential.  

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.  Please answer the questions on each page and press NEXT at the bottom of each page to move forward.  At the end of this survey you will be given an opportunity to enter the drawing for one of five $50 gift cards to the Public Market purveyor of your choice.

* 1. How well do each of the following describe your dining and social habits?

  5=Describes me very well 4 3 2 1=Does not describe me at all
I love trying new restaurants
I actively seek out new experiences
I go out frequently with friends or family
I enjoy cooking at home
I enjoy events attended by large groups of people
I get take-out or delivery a lot for dinner
I buy a lot of ready-to-eat meals at the supermarket
I bring my lunch to work/make my own lunch

* 2. How often do you purchase meals away from home or eat out for the following meals?

  3+ times 
a week
1-2 times  
a week
2-3 times 
a month
a month
6-10 times 
a year
Happy hour/Drinks
Dinner/evening meals