Survey Introduction

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You must be age 18 or over to participate in this survey which is part of a research project in the study of clinical sexology. It is voluntary and your answers are anonymous.

The questions are intended to measure attitudes and beliefs about sexual relationships between consenting, competent adults. No question pertains to minors or any adult who is not consenting or unable to consent due to physical or mental disability. For the purposes of this survey, prostitution refers to the exchange of money for any service where at least one individual receives direct physical contact with another individual for the purpose of sexual arousal, stimulation, or release.

Do not leave any question blank. You must choose from one of the answers provided if a text box is not available for unique responses. Though there are many variables that could influence or change your opinion, they are too numerous to include all of them in this survey.

Thank you for your time and your sincere and thoughtful responses. Please forward this survey to others who may have an interest in this subject.