ULI Toronto and PopCities are developing an amazing self-guided city map (using Google Maps) to help National ULI Spring Meeting attendees make the most of their visit to Toronto. It highlights many innovative sites and projects under a range of categories. Many attendees plan to bring their families along to Toronto, and we are helping ULI to build an Urbanist Family Guide layer as part of this map.

We need your help to populate the map with kid-friendly destinations to make sure these young urbanists experience the best places to play, explore, taste and discover the Toronto region. What are the must-visit family-friendly sites we should showcase?  Share your hidden gems, amazing playgrounds, out-of-this-world attractions, and local kid favourites, and the ULI team will add it to the map.

The deadline to submit the project is March 20, 2020.

Below is a sample of a project summary. The site should be written from a neutral point of view to match the format and tone of the existing map.

Question Title


Question Title

* Contact Person

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* Could you provide some basic details of this site?

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* Please provide a 50-100 word description of the attraction.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Survey.
If there are any changes after your submission, please contact toronto@uli.org.