This online application enables researchers to apply for match funding from MSFHR. We offer match funding to qualifying BC-based researchers and research teams who are applying to non-BC government-funded research competitions that require applicants to source match funding. Our match funding increases the ability of BC researchers to compete nationally and internationally, and attract research dollars from outside the province.
Please use this online application system to submit your request for match funding. A pdf version of this online application form can be found at Please use this document if you would like to preview the questions before completing your application.
MSFHR will accept requests for match funding at any time throughout the year. Requests must be received at least five weeks prior to the competition’s application deadline. 

Review process
Please note that match funding from MSFHR is not guaranteed. The final decision is subject to availability of MSFHR funds, project alignment with MSFHR partnerships priorities, and the applicant’s success in the external grant competition. 

8% of survey complete.