Thank you for participating in Plastic Technology's inaugural Top Shops Survey highlighting the attributes shared by leading U.S. plastics processing facilities. This survey pertains to injection molding, in particular. Please proceed only if your facility performs injection molding. 

The survey covers operations, technologies, and human resources, as well as business strategies and performance.  If you fully complete the survey by March 31, you will receive additional value in reports customized for your facility. These reports are designed to make it quick and easy to know where your facility ranks on multiple measures compared to the Top Shops benchmarking group and to other facilities. These reports receive rave reviews in other Tops Shops programs sponsored by Gardner Business Media, publisher of Plastics Technology magazine.

Answer all of the survey questions, provide your email address and select 'done' to receive at a later date your custom report packed with useful perspective. You will automatically link to ptonline.com once your survey is successfully submitted.  Be assured that all responses will remain confidential.

Additionally, if you'd like the option to enter the Top Shops Honors Program competition, be sure to provide your email address as well as the other contact information requested. Facilities selected for the Honors Program will be profiled in an upcoming issue of Plastics Technology magazine. Do not provide contact information if you'd like to remain anonymous.

You may close and re-enter the survey from the same device as many times as you like until you select 'Submit Responses' on the final screen. Remember to complete it by March 31, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Jan Schafer, Director of Market Research, at jschafer@gardnerweb.com or 513-527-8952.

If you want to keep a record of your responses, we suggest you print a copy of each page with your responses before selecting 'next' to advance to the next page/question.

Click here if you'd like to download a pdf of the survey to review before you complete it. You can return to this site to enter your answers or send us your completed printed survey via US mail (instructions provided at the end of the survey).