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The Solano Transportation Authority (STA) undertook a Vallejo Community-Based Transportation Plan (CBTP) and gathered input from residents of Vallejo on transportation gaps and challenges along with suggested solutions. As part of the CBTP effort, $400,000 was set aside to pay for transit related projects in a participatory budgeting type process.

This survey is intended to solicit resident priorities. Sixteen projects have been proposed along with their cost estimate. The project descriptions are listed below. You will be asked to prioritize the projects by allocating the $400,000 after this section. 

Project A.  Transit Centers Lyft/Uber designated meeting zones (Cost: $10,000)
                    Identify and install designated meeting zones for Lyft/Uber rides at Curtola PNR and downtown Vallejo Transit Center. 

Project B.  SolTrans System Maps at Bus Shelters (Cost: $20,000)
                   Install SolTrans system route maps at major bus stop shelters. These 4’ x 4’ maps would show the SolTrans bus                                      routes. SolTrans system route maps would be installed in 2-3 dozen of the busiest bus stops
Project C.  Bus Stop and Shelter Lighting Improvements (Cost: $20,000)
                   Install additional solar lighting throughout the SolTrans bus system. This project would fund adding solar lighting to
                   approximately 10 bus stops.

Project D.  Radar Speed Feedback Signs (Cost: $30,000)
Purchase and install a pair of radar speed feedback signs on city streets.

Project E.  Redwood St Mid-Block Crosswalk Improvements (Cost: $50,000)
Upgrade the existing crosswalk and signing to increase visibility between Sonoma BLVD and Sacramento Street. This is
                  a mid-block crosswalk on a curve connecting housing and retail. This project will re-stripe the crosswalk and
                  install a more visible flashing beacon.

Project F.  Broadway St - New Sidewalk (Cost: $50,000)
Construct a paved sidewalk on Broadway St between Delaware St and Texas St.  

Project G.  Jordan St Striping (Cost:  $60,000)
                   Install striping along Jordan St. as a strategy to direct vehicles and reduce travel speeds.

Project H.  Bus Stop Landscape Improvements (Cost: $60,000)
This project would fund new landscaping at approximately 20 bus stops.

Project I.  Porter St - New Sidewalk and Street Crossing Improvements (Cost: $120,000)
Install over 400 feet of sidewalk on the east side of Porter St near Magazine St.  
Project J. Specialized Bus Shelters on Sonoma Blvd and Florida/Springs Rd  (Cost: $150,000) 
Purchase and install approximately 5 initial specialized bus shelters on Sonoma Blvd. and Florida/Springs Rd. in             
                  preparation for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service in these corridors.  

Project K.  Fairgrounds Dr -Pathway Lighting (Whitney-Borges) (Cost: $170,000)
Install lighting along an existing paved pathway on the westside of Fairgrounds Dr. between Whitney Ave. and Borges 

Project L.  SolTrans Real-Time Transit Information System (Cost: $200,000).
                   Install a real-time transit information system at bus stops throughout the SolTrans system This would include
                    electronic signs and maps. With real-time transit information, SolTrans riders would have better in  
                    formation on when the next bus is due to arrive and what routes serve a particular bus stop.

Project M.  Benicia Rd - New Sidewalk and Street Crossing Improvements (Cost: $210,000)
                   Install over 500 feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter on the north side of Benicia Rd near Columbus Pkwy. 

Project N.  Fairgrounds Dr - New Sidewalk  (Corcoran-Borges) (Cost: $210,000)        
                   Construct a new paved sidewalk over 1000 feet in length on the westside of Fairgrounds Dr. between Corcoran Ave.
                   and Borges Ln.   

Project O.  Enhanced Bus Shelters and Public Art (Cost: $240,000)                 
                   There are two major elements to the project:  four enhanced bus shelters and public art. The enhanced bus shelters
                   would be designed to reflect the characteristics of the neighborhood offering not only functionality but also an artistic
                   element. Public art could enhance the streetscape and also be functional.   

Project P.  Additional Bus Shelters and Benches at SolTrans Bus Stops (Cost: $250,000)
                  Install at least 5 additional shelters with benches and at least 10 additional benches at bus stops that currently don’t                                 have them throughout Vallejo that serve the communities of concern.                          

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