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We would like to ask you to complete a follow-up survey on your participation in the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention.

The survey will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Please answer all questions as honestly as possible, right to the end of the questionnaire.  

You will be asked a variety of questions pertaining to your race, age, sex and other biographical data including educational status.

Remember that there is no right or wrong response. Your responses cannot and will not be used to make you feel bad about yourself or your peers. You may refuse to answer any question that you are not comfortable answering.

Topics covered in the survey include questions about your income, health and medical personal information including mental health and wellbeing, future goals orientation and an evaluation of the programme thus far. 

The data will be used to evaluate the programme implementation and obtain your views and experiences on the programme. 

Participation in this survey is data-free

The records of this project will be kept confidential. 

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I have read the information on this study/research.
I am aware that my participation is voluntary
I know enough about the purpose, methods, risks, benefits and the length of the research study to decide that I want to take part in it.

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