The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis endeavors to provide an extraordinary experience for all visitors. In an effort to ensure that our exhibits and programs are as inclusive as possible, we are building a list of contacts who we could reach out to from time to time. We are interested in learning what would make your experience at the museum user-friendly and, of course, fun! Please join our list by entering your contact information in this form. By signing up, you may be contacted for the following reasons:
  • Communications about accessibility-focus events, including Museum My Way
  • Opportunities to advise the museum range from completing an online survey, participating in a virtual feedback session, and coming to the museum to try out an activity prototype
  • Invitations to participate in photo or video shoots

If you have questions about signing up, contact Claire Thoma Emmons (
If you have general questions pertaining to accessibility, please contact the Museum’s Accessibility Manager, Betsy Lynn (

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