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Any and all rights in connection with the Online Consultation shall be exclusively vested in WHO. WHO retains full control over the outcome of the Online Consultation, including on publication of peer-reviewed articles and reports, and reserves the right not to publish them. 

WHO retains full control over any subsequent decisions or actions regarding any views, opinions and proposals as well as any other matters considered by Youth Organizations and their representatives through the Online Consultation.  

Youth Organizations and their representatives shall not speak on behalf of, or represent, WHO or the Pan European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development to any third party. Without WHO’s prior written approval, Youth Organizations and their representatives shall not, in any statement or material of an advertising or promotional nature, refer to this Online Consultation and its relationship with WHO, or otherwise use the name (or any abbreviation thereof) and/or emblem of the World Health Organization.  

Participation of youth organizations will be subject to WHO’s due diligence process in accordance with the WHO Framework of Engagement with non-State actors (“FENSA”). WHO reserves the right to accept or reject any contribution from youth organizations, to annul the open call and online consultation at any time without incurring any liability and without any obligation to inform the concerned organizations of the grounds for WHO's decision or to provide any other information relating to the evaluation/selection process or to state the reasons for not choosing an organization. Participation in this process does not involve developing recommendations of the Pan European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development or adopting WHO decisions.  
The obligations of Youth Organizations and their representatives shall survive the termination of the Online Consultation. 
Youth Organizations and their representatives will not be remunerated for their participation to the Online Consultation.

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