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Ascendancy Research is currently hosting a paid research study online for High School Juniors and Seniors. The topic of this study is the decision making process of their post-high school experience and college attendance. (You may sit in on the interview!)

Your High School Junior and/or Senior can participate in 2 different ways:
- Take an online survey that will ask them about how they are making decisions on their post-HS path. This would last no longer than 30 min and they would receive $30 for completing.

- Participate in a 60 min online interview with our research lead (that you can sit in on) where they will be asked more about their decision making process for College + post-HS. They would receive $80 for participating.

Interview times for this study are available starting Nov. 6 - 22 at a time and date that works best for you/your child.

To start the qualifying survey, please scroll to the bottom of this email and click 'Yes, I am interested in participating'.

Thank you!

Your opinions will be kept in strict confidence and no attempt will be made by anyone involved with the research to sell you anything based on anything you share during the discussion.