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Welcome to the 2023 Veterans Affairs
Physical Therapist
Trainee Recruitment Registration!

This event is open to all current and former VA physical therapist trainees seeking VA staff positions in 2023, and we look forward to working with you on your career search.

We’ve collected a list of VA locations interested in participating in this year’s online VA trainee meet-and-greets during the event, and below you can:
  • Choose any of the registered sites that you would like to meet with during the event
  • List any locations that didn’t register that interest you (they may not have current openings, but we hope to connect you as soon as they do!)
Then, just load your contact info and a CV/ resume and you’re all set!
  • If you sign up to meet with participating sites, they will contact you between February 27 – March 10 to schedule your meet and greets.
  • If you are also (or only) interested in non-participating sites, we will tag you as interested in them in our system, so that they can contact us for your information when they do have openings, will share your information with the relevant local recruiters, and will also send along more information for your VA job search.
If you need event registration assistance, please contact our registration coordinator, Amy Loveridge at amy.loveridge@va.gov

This form does not save your answers to come back if you partially complete it, so we will use the most complete application that we receive from you, if you are interrupted and need to start over at a later time.
Choose Your Meet-and-Greets:
The following facilities have registered to participate in meet-and-greets during this year's event.

Next to the registered locations below, you will see information about the positions available at that site. Positions will also list a grade, or expected experience level, or a range of experience levels that the site will consider:

GS 11: suitable for candidates completing a licensing training program
GS 12: suitable for candidates who hold a license and at least one year of professional experience after licensure.

If they listed recruitment incentives, those are also listed, including Education Debt Reduction Program (EDRP), hiring bonuses, or relocation assistance. All federal careers are also eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness after 10 years of service. 

If you would like to learn more about a particular location, this interactive map will connect you to each facility's homepage.
DC – Washington DC VAMC: GS 11/12 general PT and GS 11/12 CLC inpatient rehab therapy – both offer EDRP

GA – Augusta VAMC: GS 11/12 Spinal cord injury PT – offers EDRP

IL – Lovell VAMC (N Chicago): GS 12 general PT

MD – Charlotte Hall Clinic: GS 11/12 general PT – offers EDRP

MD – Perry Point VAMC: GS 11/12 general PT

MI – Battle Creek VAMC: GS 11/12 general PT

OR – Eugene HCC: GS 11/12 general PT

OR – Roseburg VAMC: GS 11/12 general PT

PA – Lebanon VAMC: GS 12 general PT

TX - Houston VAMC: GS 11/12 general PT

TX – San Antonio VAMC: GS 12 Neuro certified or General – offers EDRP

WV – Braxton County Clinic: GS 12 general PT – offers EDRP, partial telework available

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