Pine Rivers Home Assist Secure:   78 Dayboro Rd, Petrie QLD 4502.

Wesley Mission Queensland’s Pine Rivers Home Assist Secure program is currently looking for individuals interested in volunteering their time to helping us with completing small maintenance tasks.

About Home Assist Secure

The Pine Rivers Home Assist Secure program assists Brisbane seniors and people living with a disability to remain at home and enjoy independent living. Home Assist Secure supports clients with that little extra bit of help around the house to make remaining at home easier.

About the Volunteer Role

Volunteer Handy Persons assist Pine Rivers Home Assist Secure trade staff with various tasks, including:
  • Changing light globes
  • Servicing taps and toilets
  • Repairing loose step treads
  • Installing smoke alarms and changing batteries
  • Fitting of grab rails and handrails
  • Repairing and installing locks
  • Arranging gutter cleans and
  • Referring suitable subcontractors
  • Painting small areas.   
Pine Rivers Home Assist Secure is a lovely, welcoming and rewarding place to volunteer where you will meet many wonderful people and learn great new skills that may assist you both personally and professionally. There are lots of other benefits to volunteering with us as well, such as:
  • We supply and pay for any security checks required for the position
  • Access to online and face-to-face wellness advisors
  • Free Flu Vaccinations
  • Exclusive shopping discounts
  • Being part of a team making a difference in the lives of people in our community.
To learn more please visit the Wesley Mission Queensland website.
What Happens Next?

Before you consider becoming a Volunteer Handy Person we ask that you read:
Once you have read these documents and you are confident you would like to become a volunteer, please complete this quick online registration. Once we receive your registration a Wesley Mission Queensland representative will be in contact with you to discuss the role further.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Other Information
  • Please visit Wesley Mission Queensland's website to see our full privacy information and collection statement.
  • Wesley Mission Queensland holds the right to decline any expression of interests that they deem unsuitable without notice.
  • Please contact Volunteer Relations on if you need any clarification regarding this role.

Question Title

1. Please provide your personal details:

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2. Your date of birth?


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3. Please provide an emergency contact person for when you are volunteering:

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4. Do you have any special needs, time availability concerns, health issues, etc that you feel may affect your volunteer work or that we should know of in case of an emergency?

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5. Are you applying to volunteer with us as part of one of the following programs?

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6. What days are you able to volunteer?

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7. What frequency do you prefer to volunteer?

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8. Please outline any qualities, skills, qualifications and/or experience you can bring to the volunteer position:

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9. If recruited as a Wesley Mission Queensland volunteer, I agree to work within the terms and guidelines as outlined in the below declaration.

I understand that as a volunteer with Wesley Mission Queensland that I will be expected to:   
  • Interact positively with residents, clients, staff, volunteers, families and the general public.  
  • Understand and respect confidentiality, maintain professional boundaries.   
  • Volunteer within the guidelines of Wesley Mission Queensland's Code of Conduct.  
  • Undertake any training or competencies required in the position. 
  • Be prompt and reliable when rostered to volunteer and notify my supervisor promptly if I am not able to attend my shift.   
  • Work within the philosophies, policies, procedures, and guidelines of Wesley Mission Queensland.   
  • Supply or complete the required security checks (checks are provided and paid for by Wesley Mission Queensland).   
I have read, understood and are willing to follow the guidelines within the:

Please note that due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions, contact with volunteer applicants will take longer than usual. Your application will be kept on file until recruitment recommences.
Thank you for your patience during this time.

By pressing "SUBMIT" I declare that the information I have provided is correct.