* 1. What of the following products do you enjoy from Pinkberry

* 2. What do you find most appealing about the Pinkberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie? (pick 2 below)

* 3. Pinkberry Smoothies are made with fresh, all natural PinkberryGreek Yogurt - delivering 11g of protein. On the following scale, how important are the protein benefits of the Greek yogurt to you?

* 4. What are the most appealing attributes of the Pinkberry Smoothie that you prefer over other like smoothie brands or alternatives? (Please Pick 2 options below)

* 5. How can we improve our smoothie offering?

* 6. What is the primary reason you are purchasing a smoothie?

* 7. Please let us know if there is a way to improve the taste or texture of our new Pinkberry Greek Yogurt smoothie?

* 8. Compared to our competitors, please specify if you believe your getting more value, less value or about the same value at our price of $4.95 for a 16oz smoothie?

* 9. Currently, we serve a 16oz at 4.95 - If we were to introduce an additional size, which would you prefer?

* 10. What is the primary reason you would be interested in a larger size?

* 11. As we innovate future flavors, please indicate what is most appealing?

* 12. Overall, how satisfied were you with your last smoothie experience?

Very satisfied
Not satisfied

* 13. Please let us know if there is any additional input as we continue to ensure we create products that meet your needs.