Each library location that received a mini-grant must submit a *separate* report. This report is only for libraries that received a mini-grant for their 2012 summer reading program.

Please save your responses in a Word or other document BEFORE submitting them here so your data is secure. You will not receive an email confirmation.

Contact Beth Crist at crist_b@cde.state.co.us or 303-866-6908 with any questions.

DON'T FORGET!!! In order to satisfy LSTA grant requirements, we must have copies of the receipts from your mini-grant purchases. Please email to crist_b@cde.state.co.us, fax to 303-866-6940, courier to C912, or mail to Colorado State Library, Attn: Beth Crist, 201 E Colfax Ave, Room 309, Denver, CO 80203.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Describe some results relevant to your OBE statement(s):

* 3. How did you evaluate or measure your program outcomes?

* 4. What kinds of books did you buy to enhance your summer reading program?

* 5. How did you use the books?
(Examples: added to our non-fiction/fiction/picture book collection; highlighted the new books in displays or by reading them in storytimes, etc.)

* 6. How helpful was this grant to your library's summer reading program?

* 7. In relation to the Summer Reading Program (SRP), did your library:

  Yes No
Provide outreach to daycare, recreational, or community programs?
Conduct school visits/connections in the spring to promote the SRP?
Provide follow-up programs in the fall to promote the SRP?
Establish partnerships in the community (individual or business sponsors/partners)?
Increase community visibility through the SRP?

* 8. Tell us more about one of your community engagement activities:

* 9. Tell us some stories about the summer reading program at your library this summer.
(For example: books that kids read and liked, kids or teen comments about summer reading, family activities, parent comments etc.).

* 10. May we share your stories?