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This questionnaire is being administered in 2012-2013 as part of a global research project on international teacher migration and mobility. The research is being funded by Education International and conducted by the American Federation of Teachers’ Educational Foundation. We are interested in the experience of teachers who are currently teaching abroad and those who have returned home after teaching abroad. Your responses will be anonymous and the information you provide will assist our efforts to better understand the trends of international teacher migration, identify best practices, and highlight problems that need to be addressed. Thank you for taking the time to participate.

All teachers who complete the survey and share their contact information will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a free iPad. If you are completing this survey by hand, please return it to Jackie Morson, American Federation of Teachers, 555 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington DC 20001, United States, or you may e-mail a scanned copy to jmorson@aft.org