Dear Stakeholder,

Thank you for participating in the review of the second consultation for the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard and providing feedback in our survey. 

Before you fill in the survey, please review the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. There are two versions of the standard
  • Version for smallholders here
  • Version for medium-large farms here
First, you will need to fill in your details, you will then be invited to fill questions regarding crucial subject areas.  There are then five pages dedicated to concrete input to improve the topics mentioned in our survey. Aside from the general information, you don’t need to fill in all the questions in the survey – just the areas are relevant to your feedback.

You can leave the survey and return to it at any time. Once you are happy with the survey, please click submit, as otherwise, we will not be able to use your input. Please be aware that once you click submit, you will not be able to enter the survey again. 

Many thanks for your feedback!