1. Preamble

Dear colleague and friend,
Dear applicant,

The prevailing and critical situation in Lebanon, as of 2019, has seriously compromised research programmes, technology transfer, and innovative initiatives, usually undertaken and implemented at the national level by CIHEAM Bari Alumni.

To overcome and alleviate the burdens of these challenges, CIHEAM Bari Director Mr Maurizio Raeli and the Lebanese delegate to CIHEAM’s Governing Board Mrs Wafaa El Dikah Hamzé are pleased to launch a special call offering CIHEAM Bari Lebanese Alumni a research/technical mission/stay on its premises, with the support of its scientific and international cooperation staff, during the year 2022.

Research Objectives
The Research Stay of the Lebanese Alumni should respond to at least one of the following objectives:
·  OB1: Preparation of a joint publication, resulting from a joint research collaboration with CIHEAM Bari staff. 
·  OB2: Preparation of a research proposal to be submitted within open calls (EU, Bi-lateral, …)
·  OB3: Capacity building through non-degree training and knowledge updating in new technology areas, including an opportunity to attend CIHEAM Bari courses of relevance/interest. 

-  All Lebanese Alumni of CIHEAM Bari, having successfully completed a master’s degree at the Institute between 1990 – 2018, are eligible to apply.
-  Priority is given to Alumni involved in scientific research within Lebanese institutions and/or involved in agricultural development and/or technology transfer projects in public institution or private enterprises in Lebanon.

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