Have you ever known who was calling before you saw the caller ID?

Please help us learn about how this works!

Many people around the world have had this experience that is called Telephone Telepathy. How does telephone telepathy work? Does it matter if you are related to the person or are emotionally close to them? Does your physical distance to them matter? What makes your ability to tell who is calling you more or less accurate? Please help us find out.

 To be eligible for the study, you need to:
    ●     Be an adult aged 18 years and older.
    ●     Own a smartphone that you use for your telephone calls
    ●     Speak English fluently
    ●     Have two family members to participate with you in the experiment in the following relatedness categories.
                 ▪ 100% - Identical Twin
                 ▪ 50% - Parent/Child OR Full Sibling
                 ▪ 25% - Grandparent/Grandchild OR Aunt/Uncle OR Niece/Nephew OR Half Sibling
                 ▪ 12.5% - 1st Cousin OR Great-grandparent/Great-grandchild OR Great-Uncle/Aunt OR Great Nephew/Niece
                 ▪ 0% - Spouse OR  step-relation  OR married into family OR other non-biologically related family member
    ●     Live in the United States

 All three participants must complete 12 trials (or calls), up to 2 a day for 7 days. Each trial will take less than one minute. Participants in this study will be compensated $20 for completing 12 trials.

Here is a video that tells you more about how the study works. You can share this video with your friends and family as well. https://youtu.be/AuyX5YkvJuc

Question Title

* Registration takes 5 - 10 minutes when you have all your information ready.  To complete your registration, you will need the First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Age, Gender, Years of education, and Race for yourself and your two family members. 

You will also need the following information for each pair of your group: You (Person A) and Person B, You and Person C, and Person B and Person C.  
    ●     How emotionally close the two people; 
    ●     How often they normally communicate; and
    ●     How physically close they live to each other in miles. 
Please note, you and your family members may only participate in this study one time. When you have all this information ready, please choose YES below to continue. 

I am ready to learn more about the study and continue my registration.