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Welcome to the ROCCO Research survey on IPX Vendor Performance 2016.

IPX supply a fundamental part of the LTE and VoLTE Roaming connection, where quality of service, speed of connection and monitoring are key requirements. ROCCO is the Roaming Consulting Company and we ask your help to complete this quick anonymous survey on IPX to help us understand how IPX Vendors are working today and if IPX could be better optimised.

The survey will take 8 minutes to complete. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk*.

The list of IPX listed in this survey are those registered as Providers according to the GSM Association and through search engines. The survey uses answer randomisation to ensure no bias towards any specific provider.

For more information about our methodology and approach please check our FAQ Page at

Thankyou for participating.

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By taking part in this survey you are consenting to your answers being included within the Survey Results. However please note that your personal information (Name, Company name and E-mail address) is completely confidential and will not be recorded in the results or made available to anyone outside of ROCCO.

We need this information for verification only and to ensure that you work for a Telecoms Operator (only Operators may take part in this survey).

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