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Question Title

* 1. Which Kubernetes Distribution are you using?
These are packaged and uniform/opinionated offering augmenting upstream K8s by enhancing core components and potentially adding additional dependencies.

  Using in production Using on QA Evaluating Consider to evaluate
CenturyLink: ElastiKube
Cisco: Mantl
CloudLinux: KuberDock
CoreOS: Tectonic
Datawire: Blackbird
Diamanti: Converged Container Infrastructure 
Giant Swarm: Gianetes
Greenqloud: Container Platform
IBM: Kubernetes-Mesos Framework
IBM: Spectrum Conductor
Joyent: ContainerPilot
Mashape: Kong
QBox: Supergiant
Rancher Labs: Rancher
Red Hat: OpenShift Container Platform
SUSE: SUSE Container as a Service Platform
Univa: Navops
VMware: Photon Platform
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