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Investing Your Time Wisely

The intention of 180°OD  is to provide you with a unique in-depth analysis of the productivity, effectiveness, and health of your organisation.  You can expect to invest 20-45 minutes to complete the questions.  The subsequent report spotlights where action may be needed.   Increases in reputation, results, and rewards for you and your organisation are the goal.  It is worth investing the time to do this thoughtfully.

Why Do This?

39 years ago, as I started my career, one thing grabbed my attention. It was the question WHY?

Why do a tiny minority of:
  • Managers and Leaders,
  • Organisations,
  • Boards...
...outperform their peers by 10s, 100s, or 1000's of %?

As I investigated this question more over time, a pattern appeared. In every instance, I found a common cause - a 'MasterKey'.

Each 'MasterKey', when used, was enough to give the whole operation an edge…

…an edge of better than average results

…or much better than average results!

A 'MasterKey' in Every Way.

As I continued investigating, a hidden reality began to emerge:

  1. There are lots of hidden 'MasterKeys' - ways of creating extraordinary results.
  2. The same 'MasterKeys' always produce similar extraordinary results wherever used.
  3. You can join 'MasterKeys' together to unlock a 'MasterMap'.
  4. A MasterMap always unlocks a significant hoard of treasure buried in your organisation. (if you haven't already dug it up).
  5. You don't need many MasterMaps to make a massive difference to the value, of an organisation!
  6. The result of using more than one MasterMap is always transformational growth.
  7. Every 'MasterKey' and 'MasterMap', if present, leaves a trail of necessary outputs. Absence of one or more of these outsputs, impairs your organisation's optimal functioning.
  8. Restoring these outputs unlocks lost potential, productivity, and/or profits
This unique diagnostic tool enables you to do a rapid check for these outputs. There is nothing like this anywhere else in the world.

My Mission is to help as many managers and leaders and organisations as possible. The outcome? To enable you to improve your reputation, results, and rewards.

Here's what to do next:

You can have access to this 180 OD Instrument Free of Charge and I'll personally talk you through your results.

The questions which follow are in 5 parts:
  1. Details About You and Your Organisation
  2. Clarity of Purpose and Goals
  3. Core Skills Identifier
  4. Performance Management
  5. Arranging an Appointment for Your Feedback
Simply provide your responses below. Then select how you would like to arrange your feedback conversation.

Be reassured everything you share and discuss is held in complete commercial confidence between you and I.

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