360º Organisation Development

Regenesis: 360° Organisation Development

Welcome to “Regenesis: 360° Organisation Development”.   This diagnostic tool enables you to understand how you can develop your organisation, department, directorate or team to enable it to improve its performance, effectiveness and health, and work towards becoming it is capable of being.

“Regenesis: 360° Organisation Development”  will spotlight improvement activities most likely to produce the greatest impact on your organisation’s, department’s, directorate’s, branch’s, service’s or team’s performance.  During the feedback you learn how specifically you might set about delivering those development activities with and through your people.

This ensures that the biggest gains and results in terms of organisational performance, effectiveness and health and ultimately to your salary are delivered as quickly as possible.

To get your Free Organisation Development report  and feedback please answer the questions on the pages that follow as accurately as possible.  You will need to set aside approximately 1 hour to to do this.

As soon as your results are processed we will contact you to arrange a time to provide your feedback and report

We hope you enjoy using “Organisation Development 360°”

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* 1. What is the name of the organisation, department, directorate, branch, team or service for whom you are using this organisation development planning tool?