Reimagining the BDA Third Sector: Stakeholder Survey

The BDA Third Sector exists to work on behalf of the country’s residents. Over decades, countless leaders have strived to make progress in education, health, economic security, and many other areas. And countless residents can cite the life-changing effects of one or more programmes, services, community groups, and public policies. Third Sector stakeholders have also strived over decades to further that impact by strengthening their own practices, collaboration, and use of data.

The aim of this survey is to obtain your opinions on:

(a) what “transformational” change for a reimagined BDA Third Sector can look like, and
(b) the value of various strengthening approaches and models in supporting the reimagining effort.

These strengthening approaches include those that have previously been or are currently being applied in Bermuda and have proven useful in other third sectors worldwide.

We define the BDA Third Sector Stakeholders inclusively as comprising the following stakeholder groups (Please refer to the chart below):
  • Non-profit organisations including Registered Charities (e.g., direct service providers, advocacy groups, Intermediaries: network facilitators, TA providers or technical assistants or consultants who can provide Third Sector Support, evaluators, researchers; Civil society organizations including faith-based institutions and churches, clubs)
  • Philanthropy [Foundations (corporate, private, family, community) and individual donors], and,
  • Government (e.g., BDA government agencies, policymakers, elected officials, public/civil servants).

Question Title

We define Bermuda’s Community as all Bermuda residents including Bermudians and guest workers.

In the spirit of the growing mantra “never let a crisis go to waste,” funding has been provided by the Centennial Bermuda Foundation and Bermuda Community Foundation to sponsor the Reimagining effort’s first Exploration phase. Phase I: Exploration focuses 80% on engaging BDA Third Sector stakeholders to shape what comes next (primary research) + 20% on providing learning from other third sectors and the BDA Third Sector’s own strengthening experiences (secondary research). To ensure that this work leads to action, new funding is also being sought to support a subsequent Launch phase to enact what is lifted up via this first phase.

To ensure complete transparency, all aspects of the research process (design, analysis, and conclusions) are being driven by Anand Dholakia and Dr. Leslie Steede who are dedicated project leaders.

Before completing the survey, we recommend reading the Executive Summary sections of the following research reports completed as a part of this initiative:
  • Secondary Research Report (Background Research)
  • In-depth Interview Report (Interviews with 16 Third Sector Stakeholders
Both reports are available at 

These reports provide context that will assist you with completing the survey.

If you have any questions while completing the survey, please email Leslie at

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