Thank you for your participation in this survey. It involves a series of questions on your perception of the risk landscape and capabilities and qualities required of future risk leaders.

We anticipate the findings will be helpful to you in informing risk leadership selection and development and provide insights on how to build the risk leadership bench. 

This survey is being conducted in partnership with the Institute of Operational Risk by Adam Appointments, a leading Corporate Governance recruitment specialist, and O.R. Talent, a consulting firm who specialise in leadership assessment for selection and development. The results of this survey are confidential, and your responses will be anonymised. Your input will help build a profile of the qualities and capabilities required of risk leaders, both today and over the next 3-5 years.

Our commitment to you is that, in return for your participation, we will share our findings in an executive summary and invite you to a session where we will discuss our findings in more depth.  

Throughout the survey we use the general term ‘Risk Management’ as a catch-all for a range of disciplines and roles relating to the identification, assessment, management, assurance and reporting of risk across all domains. This includes: governance, compliance, technology risk, controls assurance across first and second lines of defence, where the term does not include the word ‘risk’.

It will likely take around 20 minutes to complete.