Thanks for doing the Arc Student Survey, while you're in the mood, tell us what you think the brand new Roundhouse should be like, for your chance to win 1 of 10 $50 Westfield vouchers.

In 2018, we are reopening our beloved Roundhouse bigger and newer (same amount of roundness though) and we want your feedback on what it should be like inside! Take 5 minutes to complete this survey and you go into the running to win 1 of 10 $50 Westfield vouchers. Hooray!

* 1. The Roundhouse will have a student lounge in 2018! What would you like to see in the lounge?

* 2. Imagine its a Wednesday afternoon and you find yourself in the Beergarden, what do you order?

* 3. Imagine its 10pm on a Thursday, you're at a Session Party and heading to the bar, what do you order?

* 4. Let's talk beer, what's important?

* 5. What would make you change your regular order and try a new drink?

* 6. Does live music make you more likely to come to the bar after class?

* 7. What sort of live music would you most like to see on a typical afternoon in the Beer Garden?

* 8. Our Session Parties are famously HUGE. What is the most important part of a Session Party for you?

* 9. What was the music style at the last concert or party your paid for?

* 10. What makes you head to a comedy show?

* 11. What regular activities tickle your fancy?

* 12. What events would you like see at The Roundhouse in 2018?

* 13. What makes you come to weekday activities?

* 14. The Roundhouse is launching a new Bistro of food in 2018, what kinda cuisine would you love to eat? Don't worry you can pick up to three!

* 15. How much would you pay for lunch? (Assuming it's a meal and drink)

* 16. How do you want the food served?

* 17. Coffee at The Roundhouse... how would you like it?

* 18. Before you go is there anything else you want us to know or think about?

* 19. Thanks for all your feedback! To be in the running to win 1 of 10 $50 Westfield Vouchers please complete the below