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Since 2016, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has conducted community-driven research. In partnership with Linux Foundation Research, this year's CNCF survey will take a quick, high-level view on containers, Kubernetes and other cloud-native adoption trends. Then, it will look at the tools, projects and challenges facing the users of these technologies.

PRIVACY: Your name and/or organization name will not be displayed. Reviews are attributed to your role, organization size, and industry. Responses will be subject to the Linux Foundation’s Privacy Policy, available at https://linuxfoundation.org/privacy. Please note that research partners who are not Linux Foundation employees will review the survey results. Survey partners are not permitted to use your data for other purposes.

BONUS: To thank you for completing this survey, respondents will receive a 25% discount code on a Linux Foundation Training & Certification course.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions regarding this survey, please email info@cncf.io