Employee experience (EX) is critically important to most employers. But HR, business leaders and IT leaders view it from different lenses. HR focuses more on the human elements, business leaders on the business impact, and IT leaders on the tech enablement.

However, effective EX strategies typically require collaboration across the functions to ensure both human and business needs are met in a sustainable, scalable way. This research seeks to understand how different functions -- particularly HR and IT -- look at EX and how they are collaborating to ensure all of the many segments are addressed in ways that drive the organization forward.

This short survey seeks to understand:
  • The role of digital workplace technologies in improving EX and how HR and IT collaborate on decision-making
  • How data and analytics are leveraged to improve EX
  • How organizations are viewing the potential impact of generative AI on improving EX
This survey takes 7-8 minutes to complete. In appreciation of your time and insights, the first 100 respondents who complete the survey and provide their email will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card. In addition, everyone will be entered into a drawing for two, $150 Visa gift cards. Those who complete the survey and provide their email will also receive:
  • A summary report of the survey results
  • Immediate download access to the research report, How GenAI Will Revolutionize HR 
Your responses remain confidential and your name is not given to external parties nor associated with responses. Survey findings are only reported in aggregate. 

Thank you for participating!

Claude Werder
SVP and Principal Analyst
Brandon Hall Group