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By submitting the information below you request to be added to our affiliation programme.  Once accepted, you will receive a link and promocode you may advertise in your networks.
For each ticket you sell, you will earn 30% commission on the ticket price paid for the ticket.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Tickets may only be offered at the advertised price.
  2. Commission will be paid on the last day of the month, providing that more than R300 in commission was earned in that month. If less than R300 was earned, the balance will be carried over to the following month's total.
  3. Commission will only paid for tickets that have been paid in full by the 25th of the month and where the re-seller's promocode has been recorded during the sales process. Tickets ordered and paid for after the 25th of the month, will be carried over to the next month. If a promocode has not been used, the SA Innovation Summit will be under no obligation to pay a commission.
  4. The SA Innovation Summit has the right to revoke the Affiliation Programme at any time (e.g. when full capacity has been reached), at which time all re-sellers will be informed and outstanding commissions will be settled.
  5. All tickets must be sold under the SA Innovation Summit brand and may not be sold without clearly indicating that the tickets are on behalf of the SA Innovation Summit.
  6. No payment for tickets may be received on behalf of the Summit. Tickets may only purchased via the official SA Innovation Summit ticketing portal.
  7. Delegates purchasing tickets via the Affiliation Programme (i.e using a valid promocode) will receive an automatic discount on their ticket. Where 5 or more tickets are purchased, a further 10% group discount will apply.
  8. Commission is only payable on Delegate Tickets and does not apply to any other ticket such as Ecosystem Tours tickets or lunch vouchers.
  9. A re-seller not abiding by above terms and conditions, may be asked to exit the programme at which time all outstanding commission will be paid and the re-seller’s promocode will be cancelled.
For further information, please contact us at

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