Welcome to the Sexual Assault Transfer-Related Lost Revenue tool.

This tool assesses your institution's potential revenue lost due to sexual assault-related transfers.  

By now, there is no doubt: campus sexual assaults have the potential to wreak havoc on the budgets of colleges and universities. There have been some initial efforts to measure the cost of sexual assault for an institution of higher education (IHEs). United Educators, for example, released a study that quantifies the financial impact institutions experience in legal costs associated with a sexual assault case, which can be very costly. But these estimates only provide a partial picture. After all, there are many other costs associated with a sexual assault for an institution, like:
-       the academic impact of sexual assault,
-       the cost to an institution’s reputation,
-       and finally, the cost of lost revenue when survivors choose to leave the institution.

This calculator, developed by EVERFI, assists IHEs in quantifying the impact of sexual assault on students transferring from the institution. This tool calculates the number of students who transfer related to experiencing sexual assault and the associated lost revenue for the institution for a cohort of students. With this calculator, campus administrators can demonstrate the value of effectively preventing or responding to sexual assault as part of student success and retention efforts.

To develop this calculator, EVERFI researchers reviewed research literature on sexual assault and retention, talked to nationally regarded survey researchers, and gathered information from conversations with industry experts on retention. From these sources, EVERFI has developed this new tool which tallies the dollars an institution loses when survivors of sexual assault transfer out of the school.
To use this tool, user will need a few key pieces of institutional data:
·      number of first-year students (both female and male),
·      transfer rates (both female and male), and
·      net tuition.
Upon completion, you will receive an automated email report to the address provided in the next section with your results.