*Adapted from Panorama Education's Family Survey

Why should I complete this survey?

This survey gives parents/guardians an opportunity to provide feedback to the administrators of their child’s school.

How will the information be used?

The primary purpose of the survey is to support the continuous improvement of your child’s school.  Your school will use survey results along with other information to identify the school’s strengths and challenges, and to create and implement a plan for improvement.

The survey data is most useful when it is understood within the context of the local school. The Department will only examine provincial results (i.e., from all schools combined).

What topics are included in this survey?

This survey asks for your opinions on the following topics:
  • School climate
  • School safety
  • School fit
  • Family engagement and support
  • Barriers to engaging with school
  • Areas of strength and where improvement is needed
Background questions are also included to allow for a more in-depth analysis of results (e.g., results by grade).

Is the survey anonymous?
This survey is intended to be anonymous, which means you cannot be linked to your responses (You are not asked to provide your name). Your responses will be grouped with responses from other parents/guardians. Results are never reported for any questions in cases where there are fewer than six respondents.


Parents/guardians complete ONE survey for EACH SCHOOL attended by their children. Some questions are about your perception of the school in general or your involvement with the school. Other questions ask specifically about “your child”. If you have more than one child in this school, please think about your OLDEST child who attends this school when answering questions that say “your child”.

When selecting a response, please choose the one that you feel best describes your/your child’s overall experience at this school this year. There are no right or wrong answers. Please answer honestly to help us improve the learning environment for all.

6% of survey complete.