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Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation (SKAI) is a project that supports healthcare providers to have better conversations with their patients about vaccination during pregnancy and in early childhood. The SKAI model was developed by a research team led by Professor Julie Leask, and was applied to two websites: 
  • - developed by Professor Julie Leask’s team, and focussing on the vaccinations routinely recommended during early childhood.
  • - developed by Associate Professor Margie Danchin and Dr Jessica Kaufman and focussing on the vaccinations routinely recommended during pregnancy and at birth.

This survey is being conducted by the National Centre of Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) to evaluate both sites, and to consult with healthcare providers like you:
  • to understand your needs when it comes to vaccination communication with patients,
  • to explore your preferences for professional education and training on communication techniques,
  • to find out what sort of online resources and tools would help you communicate with your patients about vaccination, and
    to get your feedback on one of the SKAI websites.

Please note this survey is focussed on routinely recommended vaccinations for pregnancy and early childhood. It does not focus on vaccinations for COVID-19.

The survey will take around 20 minutes to complete, and your responses will be anonymous and confidential. 
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