Certification Qualifications & Submission Form

Persons seeking the credential of SLIM Estimation Professional must meet the following requirements:

1. Complete the SLIM-Estimate Training Course (1 and ½ days).
2. Complete 1 year of operational experience with SLIM-Estimate and SLIM-DataManger.
3. Demonstrate practical application of SLIM to a minimum of 6 projects.
4. Pay an application fee of $500 (U.S.), payable to Quantitative Software Management, Inc.
5. Pass the certification exam with an overall score of 90% or greater with no section having a score less than 80%.

You must be running SLIM v8.2 or v9.0.

The exam is based upon the SLIM Estimation Process, as defined in the SLIM Training Materials, SLIM-Estimate User Manual, SLIM-DataManger User Manual, and tool suite itself.

To apply for certification, complete this questionnaire. All data fields are required, except Address line 2 and Country.

Please speak to your QSM Account Manager for information on payment options.

You will receive an email message notifying you of your application approval, and instructions for scheduling the certification examination date, once payment has been received.

If you have any questions, contact the SLIM Certification Program Admininstrator:
Laura Zuber
certification@qsm.com or laura.zuber@qsm.com

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* 1. Please provide your contact information.

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* 2. When did you complete SLIM-Estimate training?

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* 3. Have you completed at least 1 year of operational experience with SLIM-Estimate and SLIM-DataManager?

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* 4. Please list the required minimum 6 projects that affirm your practical application of SLIM.
Provide the approximate date (month/year) the estimate was performed.
Example: Midware Bid Evaluation; October/2010.

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* 5. Name of company supervisor or person who can verify your experience record.