We are working to make it easier to learn about SUSE products on SUSE.com, and would love to learn from your experience.  Please take a few minutes to share your insights with us.  To thank you for your time, we’ll give you a 10% discount for any branded merchandise in the SUSE Shop.  Plus, we’ll enter you in a drawing for 20 chances to win a $25 Amazon gift card suitable for your country.

* 1. What is your primary job role?

* 2. Which SUSE products do you currently own, or have you owned within the past two years?

* 3. Here are some common reasons people visit a product page.  Please rank them based on how often that is your primary reason for a visit, with the most frequent reason on the top. (Tip: you can drag the rows into position with your mouse.)

* 4. How well do our product pages help you do what you need to do, based on your typical experience? 

* 5. When you are researching products to purchase or recommend, what information resources do you find most helpful?   Please rate these resources based on how useful they are to you.

  Always very useful Usually very useful Sometimes useful Seldom useful Never useful
Analyst papers
White papers explaining business benefits 
Competitive guides
Use case examples
Specialist vertical market information
Reference architectures
Customer success stories 
TCO calculators
Pricing information
Webinars - technical
Webinars - business
Forum and community content
Product documentation
Awards product has won
Technical white papers
Data sheets

* 6. When you are considering a product to purchase, you weigh many factors.  Please rank the following factors by their importance to you, with the most important on top and least important on the bottom.  (Tip: you can drag the rows into position with your mouse.)

* 7. Is there anything you find difficult to accomplish on our product site? What is it?

* 8. Can you think of another software site that gives you exactly what you want when you're looking for product info?  What is it?  What do you like about it? 

* 9. Please supply your contact info so we can send you your 10% SUSE Shop discount voucher, and enter you in the drawing for the Amazon gift cards.  Your privacy is important to us, so we will only use this information to contact you about this survey.  

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