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Welcome and thank you for taking part in the SWSPHN 2017 General Practice Needs Survey. 
The input from this annual survey is an important foundation in our ongoing service planning.  Through a clearer understanding of the needs of general practice, we intend to keep improving our service design to empower and support health professionals in our area. 

We look forward to sharing the insights from this survey - thank you again!  
Rene Pennock, CEO, South Western Sydney PHN

This 15 minute online survey is being conducted for SWSPHN by Outcome Services and will enable us to benchmark ourselves against other PHNs. Your privacy and confidentiality will be maintained. Your details will not be used for any other purpose than to deliver the survey to you. Your answers will automatically remain de-identified. Please note that you can still ask for follow up or contact on specific requests without your opinions being identifiable.

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