Further Information for Scottish and Northern Irish Sea Anglers

Here is further information on the involvement of residents in Scotland and Northern Ireland in the Sea Angling Diary.

The Sea Angling Diary has been running since 2016, with over 5,000 individual anglers from across the UK contributing data. We are grateful for the support of the diarists and angling organisations that have made this possible. On the 29 November 2021, we started the process of recruiting sea anglers to keep diaries in 2022 with one large change. The programme will now only cover England and Wales.

The Scottish and Northern Ireland Governments have supported the diary project since 2016 and are very grateful to those people who have voluntarily completed sea angling diaries. However, they are considering their approach to sea angling data collection, so will not contribute to the diary, but will instead examine other means by which data can be obtained in the future. We will pass on to Marine Scotland and AFBI any queries and they can address questions about future plans.

So in 2022, recruitment materials will refer to England and Wales only and we will not be recruiting new anglers from Scotland or Northern Ireland.

As a gesture of good will to the many who have participated in Scotland and Northern Ireland, we are going to let existing diarists continue to use the diary and app, and there will be a function so they can download all their data. However, they won’t receive the other benefits of the project (support, incentives, newsletters etc).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all individual anglers and the angling associations again for their support and contributions to the diary programme.

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