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Thank you for taking time to report your new observation of unexplained sick or dead deer, which will help us to track reports of suspect cases of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) or the similar Blue Tongue Virus (BT).  EHD has already been documented in summer 2017 through lab testing of several affected deer.  The EHD and BT viruses are naturally occurring each year with more severe outbreaks occurring every 5-8 years.

If you have already reported the dead or sick deer you observed, please exit this online survey at this time.  Thank you.

1. Please enter your contact information below in case we need to get in touch about your observation.  

2. How many DEAD deer (by sex) you observed at this location? (Include only deer not previously reported to the Department.  For a different location, please click on the report link and enter a separate report.)

3. How many SICK deer (by sex) did you observe at this site? (Include only deer not previously reported to the Department)

NOTE: If you know that any of these or other sick deer are still alive or freshly dead, please immediately call your local Private Lands Biologist to report the exact location of the live deer.  Please indicate to them that you have already reported details about the observation using this online survey.  The link to the online listing of biologists is: https://fw.ky.gov/More/Documents/privatelands_biologists.pdf.  Your local biologist or officer may be able to arrange a timely visit the site and obtain necessary body tissues to test the sick or freshly dead deer for disease.  Thank you!

5. What was the date you observed these dead or sick deer?


6. Which of the following describes the condition of the deer you observed?  (Select all that apply if you saw multiple deer)

7. What was the site like where you found the dead or sick deer? (Select all that apply if you saw multiple dead or sick deer.)

8. What are the LAT / LONG coordinates for the location where you observed the dead or sick deer?   (You can obtain LAT/Long coordinates from a smart phone, GPS, or map website such as Google Maps.   This is extremely helpful information for us if you can provide it. )

9. If you do not have the LAT/LONG coordinates for the location, please describe the location as exactly as possible.  List either the closest street address, or nearest intersection of roads, or a similar identifiable location we can use for mapping.

10. Please describe the condition and circumstances in which you found the dead or sick deer:

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11. KDFWR Staff Member:

12. Was a site visit conducted?

13. Was a necropsy performed?

14. Were samples collected for testing?

15. KDFWR ID Number assigned (e.g., KDFWR-W-2017-16):

16. Has this record previously been entered by the observer?

17. Additional Observations/Comments: