Have your say on the future of culture and creativity in Sligo

Creative Ireland is the Government’s Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016, which places creativity at the centre of public policy. The vision of Creative Ireland is that every person will have the opportunity to fulfil her / his creative potential. This vision is pursued through 5 pillars:
  1. Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child
  2. Enabling Creativity in Every Community
  3. Investing in our Creative and Cultural Infrastructure
  4. Ireland as a Centre of Excellence in Media Production
  5. Unifying our Global Reputation
Further information on Creative Ireland can be found here.

Sligo County Council Culture & Creative Strategy

All Local Authorities across the country, including Sligo, are mandated through their culture teams to deliver Pillar 2: Enabling Creativity in every Community.
The Culture Team in Sligo County Council encourages the highest level of public participation in the devising of its Culture and Creativity Strategy 2018-2022. We would like to hear your feedback in relation to culture and creativity provision in Co. Sligo and how this can be improved upon; to ensure that creativity across all communities can be supported.

As part of this process, we will hold two public meetings, as shown below. All are welcome to attend.
  • Wednesday 10th January, Tubbercurry Library, 7.00pm to 8.30pm
  • Thursday 11th January, The Glasshouse Hotel Sligo, 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Please take the time to fill out this short feedback form in advance of the public meetings and submit it prior to Monday 11th December.

* 1. Optional - What is your name (or that of your organisation)?  If feedback is being completed on behalf of an organisation or group, please only submit one form for that organisation or group.

* 2. Are you completing the form as an individual or on behalf of an organisation?  Please choose one.

* 3. Please provide further information on you or your organisation (optional - max 20 words)

* 4. Which of the following areas apply to you or your organisation?  (Tick all that apply)

* 5. What, in your opinion, are the areas of culture and creativity in which Co. Sligo is strongest? (max 50 words)

* 6. What, in your opinion, are the areas of culture and creativity in which Co. Sligo is weak? (max 50 words)

* 7. What aspects of culture and creativity do you believe are unique and/ or distinctive to Co. Sligo? (max 50 words)

* 8. What do you believe should be the priority areas for culture and creativity in Co. Sligo over the next 5 years?  (max 100 words)

* 9. What other comments, suggestions or feedback would you like to provide regarding culture and creativity in Co. Sligo? (max 100 words)

Please submit this form prior to Monday 11th December.